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You’ve scored a goal. Celebrate for Heaven’s Sake!!!

3 Jan

I’ve scored………yesssssss, ooops, Sorry now, I didn’t actually mean to……..

That’s certainly how it looked to Shaun Wright-Phillips last night when he scored a priceless and unlikely winner over his former club Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.  I’ve had enough of this muted/non-existent goal celebration against former clubs, it’s ridiculous and un-natural.

Here was a QPR team rightly pilloried for their surrender at home to Liverpool three days previously and given absolutely no chance against a seemingly resurgent Chelsea under Rafa.  Yet Harry’s troops had held the match scoreless until SWP unleashed that daisy-cutter (allowing for the fact there are no daisies in January) late on to snatch a massive three points for QPR.  Young Shaun should’ve been charging over to the disbelieving Rangers fans, mouth open, Marco Tardelli-esque before doing the near obligatory knee-slide (I’d say groundsmen go off on one when they see that) in front of his celebrating army.  No, Shaun immediately adopted the “sh*t, I’ve scored against my old club, I better not look happy about it” mode.   Mother of Divine God, what is wrong with everybody these days?

If you’re not happy about scoring against your old club, don’t play.  If you must play, don’t attempt to score.  I know those are two unlikely scenarios but everybody’s gone too bloody soft these days.

I think the first person I recall in recent years adopting this was Robbie Keane, my country’s top goalscorer.  Robbie’s first professional club was Wolves and a few  years back I remember him scoring at Molineux for (I think) Spurs, but Robbie elected not to celebrate.  Well thanks Robbie, I’ll blame you for this nonsense if you don’t mind.   

Lads, you’re PROFESSIONALS. It’s your job to score a goal for the club that pays you.  It’s your duty to score for the fans who pay in to see you give 100% for the team.  If you’re playing against your old club, well tough, that’s precisely it, it’s your OLD club.  In many cases, it’s an old club for a good reason.  The club (be it the Manager, or be it Mr Abramovich) didn’t want you anymore.  That for me is good enough reason to celebrate wildly if you then come back and score against the club that let you go (maybe not like Adebayor when he just lost it having scored for Citeh against Arsenal) but celebrate nevertheless.  In the vast majority of cases, those old fans are gonna barrack you anyhow.  Fans are fickle and have shorter memories than goldfish and they get offended by the slightest thing nowadays.  So just go and score your goal, celebrate with your team mates and fans and leave your old fans where they belong, in the bloody past and move on please.

There are so many un-necessary habits creeping into football in my opinion.  Pre-match handshakes, minutes silences/applauses for somebody’s cat that got run over and now this muted/non-celebration of goals against a former team.   God almighty, you may as well not kiss your wife/partner in case you offend your ex!  The very notion of it is ridiculous.

Thankfully and hopefully, I cannot see this creeping into League of Ireland football.  Given the financial problems that bedevil our League and the part-time nature of the vast majority of players and clubs, players are nowadays moving around clubs like never before and returning to clubs for second and even third or fourth stints.  If we see the sort of SWP celebrations creeping into our League, nobody will be celebrating a goal ever again.

So my New Year wish is for players to stop this nonsense and as Kool and the Gang or Madonna (and probably other artists) would sing……..”Celebrate”.

Happy New Year to you all!